Most of the posts on this site are based on translations from Hokkaido no Yama (Mountains of Hokkaido, 2005), published by Yama-to-Keikoku-sha (山と渓谷社). I've tried to augment these translations with my own experiences, but keep in mind that some of these posts may be somewhat out of date.

A disclaimer

Keep in mind as well that travel in the wild can be dangerous, and guidance from this (or any) website, book, or blog post should not be considered a replacement for experience. Hokkaido's mountains can be a great source of inspiration and excitement, but hike at your own risk. Carry sufficient gear and water, know where you are, don't push beyond your limits, and keep to the trails. And for Pete's sake, have fun out there.


Credit due to Tom MacWright, from whom I basically ripped off this site design wholesale.